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Golden Financial Services – Credit Card Relief Company in Business Since 2004. A+ BBB Rated & Top Reviews- Reduce Credit Card Debt by either Consolidating or Settling. We will make sure that…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 Must you stop making payments to your credit card companies if you want to do a debt settlement? This video explains the process step by step.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

4 Responses to Golden Financial Services – BBB “A+” National Credit Card Debt Relief Company

  • Golden Financial Services says:
  • rayme4raw says:

    He’s right, around month 4 & 5, they started sending me settlement letters.
    For example, if I owed $3000, they would take $1000. I defaulted all the
    way however. The primary lenders were very civil, but I would only give
    five pieces of information: name, address, phone #, that I was unemployed &
    when I became unemployed. If they asked any other questions, I’d hang up on
    them, it’s not my job to give them information. In 6 months, my credit will
    be perfect again.

  • walloon8814 says:

    Richard is Right – You can do it yourself. I did using his tools. No Debt
    Settlement company that your Credit Card Company won’t Deal with – Just Me
    and Richards program. It took a year for all four Cards to Settle, but I
    got out from under the burden of $32,000 in CC Debt for about $9,200.00 in
    Settlement. Yes, I had to borrow from Family and sell a bunch of useless
    stuff and save like crazy. But I dealt with the phone calls and the
    letters. Actually the collection folks were all civil to me.

  • cognitivefun says:

    savings from debt settlement is often NOT taxable income. The big exemption
    in the IRS code is to the extent you are insolvent. If you owe $50,000 and
    you only have $10,000 when you settle, you are insolvent to the amount of
    $40,000, and you can have $40,000 of “cancellation of debt income” without
    it being taxable. This means many if not most folks settling their debts
    will NOT owe the IRS. You should see a competent tax advisor on this
    calculation but that is pretty much how it works.


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