Credit Card Debt: Danger in Your Wallet - ASK THE EXPERT Has the economic downturn affected Americans’ credit card use? Is credit card debt more harmful than other types of…
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  • hahawhat98 says:

    when I was 18, my mom encouraged me to get credit cards…please, if you
    care about your kids, don’t do that…teach them how to humble themselves
    and beg on the sidewalks if need be but don’t use credit cards…get a part
    time job or something…

  • aviomaster says:

    @xrangerx – IS that what your Government media told YOU.

  • Meowianne says:

    Consumers are using credit cards less & debit cards more. This is primarily
    due to the tightening of credit, low consumer confidence, smaller pools of
    discretionary income & increased unemployment. In the 2nd quarter of 2008,
    debit card usage (cash) is now outperforming credit card usage. This is
    substantiated in NEWSWEEK, Aug 30, 2008, Daniel Gross, “Get Ready for the
    ‘Pain Of Paying'” & from recent research at Javelin Strategy for Research,
    July 2008.

  • hahawhat98 says:

    hmmm, that’s actually a good idea, you can easily get $30K in credit and go
    back to mexico and buy a house or something…hahaha…this whole system
    has become a joke…I had some guy, I assume he was an immigrant
    intentionally try to crash into me on the road, I assume he was doing some
    kind of scam on the insurance companies…I swerved and missed him…you
    don’t there is many real workers these days?…could be true, even my
    cousins are calling me wanting to setup some kind of new business

  • WolfishNuckajuh says:

    wasnt he the old tin-tin!? the fluffy white dog musta died :

  • sugarpuddin88 says:

    The USA is the only country to tax your wages, tax your investments, and
    even tax your savings All other countries rather tax consumer goods
    instead, (VAT) This has made America a debtor nation of consumers who buy
    more than they can afford – And who have no savings! Good bye america – You
    die like the dinosaur You had it coming!

  • sugarpuddin88 says:

    Many have learned, (the hard way) In my new country for example, they
    learned about the Central Banks the hard way They are still fighting to
    come out from under their tyranny! Having borrowed money from them at
    astonishingly immoral interest rates was not the worst of it – Rather they
    have to run their country by their rules while there is outstanding balance
    They can’t open banks in their own country for example while there is
    outstanding loan The IMF is a parasite; like all banks

  • sugarpuddin88 says:

    They also pop 15K per semester in free college money – they drop the class
    and keep the money; over and over and over again! Who is going to pay for

  • sugarpuddin88 says:

    Do you know what immigrants are doing today? Running up credit cards &
    student loans in order to get cash to take back to their old country where
    things are cheaper! America is over for the so-called Working Class! That
    is a FACT!

  • BOUSE DK says:


  • Jermaine Miller says:

    America has the lowest tax rate among 1st world nation. Other nations tax
    rates are well over 50% (mostly due to public health care).


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