In the past few weeks I’ve had an influx of new clients and there appears to be a common trend amongst them. Fueled by the economic downturn people are realising the need to crank up their marketing efforts but they are looking OUTSIDE their businesses for new leads and sales. The truth is that people are leaving bags of untapped revenue on the table. They are not harvesting the opportunities that lay dormant within their current business.

 In this article I share my key credit-crunch busting tips for squeezing tons of untapped revenue out of your business even if you’re just starting out: –

1. Ensure Your Marketing Funnel Works

How are you handling new and existing leads? How is your marketing funnel working? Do you have an effective follow up sequence set in place or are people falling through the gaps? This is where you should be spending the majority of your time right now. Follow up is queen in this economy. Ensure that you are cultivating the relationships that you already have. These are the people who already know you, they may have bought from you before so will understand the value of your offerings.

2. Focus on Your Current Client Base

Begin harvesting the relationships that you’ve been cultivating in the past months and years. Acknowledge your community. Let them know that they are important to you. Make them feel special and thank them. Now is a good time to be utilising information marketing techniques. Be mindful of your clients needs and tailor everything you do to helping them fulfil them. Give away lots of meaty information; provide value and assistance that builds trust and confidence. Your clients do still have money to invest, but they need to understand the value of what you offer and be well informed to feel confident about making a purchase.

3. Design Special Pricing, Products and Programs

Begin by identifying the top 20% of your clients and the top 5% and start to create special pricing, products and programs that specifically cater to their needs. Ask your list and past clients what they need. Do a survey. What are they struggling with now? What are their obstacles? Think about ways that you can create both niche products and multiple offers at varying prices points that will fulfil those needs. A one price fits all business model will not work in this economy. Just remember, people STILL need your products and services, their challenges ARE still there. In fact, their situation is probably accentuated by the current economic climate. Be aware that if you don’t fill your clients needs they will look elsewhere. So it’s your job to be creative. Offer multi-level pricing for your services and offer information products at lower price points which act as the lead in to your higher priced products and programs.

4. Increase Customer Value

Don’t focus on getting more new people on your list unless you’re just starting out. Your focus should be on getting those you have to spend more with you. Your list will grow naturally when you’re seen to be doing well and your clients will refer you to others when you help them get results. People are most likely to buy from you when they have just made a purchase. Implement immediate upsells which will increase your customer value. Do your clients know that you offer other products and services? Are you upselling? Identify each customer touch point and ensure that you are upselling new and exciting products and services at each of these points.

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This holiday season, a debit card is best used by those who don’t want the perils of credit card debt. However, this does not make them any less safe from debit card fraud as well. While one is all too absorbed with Christmas shopping, fraudster can take their cue and swindle people out of their own debit card funds. To protect them and their debit card accounts from fraud, here are some safety tips to follow:

In giving the debit card information, a debit card owner must make sure only the rightful person reads or hears it. It is best to write the information down on a piece of paper and when the other party has listed it down, he can retrieve the paper and keep it. Trashing it is not advisable. Once other people pick up the debit card information, they may use it for fraud.

The debit card information must also be exclusive to the owner. Even family and friends must not know of it. He must also be careful as not to share the information to his children 15 years and younger. They may not realise the importance of a debit card yet and they could carelessly share the information to others or use it themselves unguarded. Should children need to purchase something, the parents must be there to personally pay through the debit card.

Giving over the debit card information over the phone must be avoided. Scammers may overhear it by eavesdropping nearby or at the other end of the line. The best approach for this is through email or SMS. Only this way an owner can be certain of the destination or receiver of his debit card information.

An owner must also constantly keep track of his transactions. He may request it from his issuer, sign up for an online account, or track his spending himself by comparing his expenses against his available debit card fund. Once a discrepancy is detected, he must immediately report the matter to the debit card issuer. If not, his own savings account can get affected as debit cards and savings accounts are connected.

Debit card fraud is much dangerous than credit card fraud as there is no concrete law to protect consumers. There is only the issuer’s policy to protect debit card owners but this too can change according to their discretion. Once the terms for debit card fraud are not met, the money lost may never be recovered. So this Christmas, utmost caution is advised for all debit card users.

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It has been seen as a common observation that credit card is the most common form of spending for everyday utilities or luxury items. Most of us believe in spending just the minimum due and rotating the rest for the coming month. Each coming month the dues become bigger and bigger till the point when the minimum due is so high that the customer is not in a position to pay it. This is one point of time that you really start thinking about debt in real terms.


When you get caught in a condition like this it is high time that the condition needs to be critically analyzed and ways to come out of it needs to be thought fast. The first thing is to get in touch with the debtors and understand what is the total amount of debt which needs to be paid off. The second thing to do is to get in touch with the credit rating agency and know what is the credit rating and assess how bad is the situation. In case the customers debts are $ 8000 and above the customer needs to think about debt relief programmes in which he needs to get himself enrolled.


The customer needs to do the following on an immediate basis.

1. The customer needs to list down his expenses and income to lead a decent life.


2. The customer needs to make a list of his liabilities which needs to be paid back on an immediate basis.


3. The customer needs to stop making use of hos credit card on an immediate basis. The customer is already facing adverse financial circumstances things should be stopped to make it worse.


4. The debtor should make an attempt to live out of his own pocket. He should attempt to spend only 60% of his income and save 40%.


5. The customer now needs to discuss hos financial situation with a professional and seek his help.


The debtor needs to decide upon the company carefully so that hos financial aim is met out and his problem gets resolved. A good company will help the debtor to negotiate with the debtors and bring down the over all debt bill. The debtor can come to an agreement with the creditor regarding an amount which needs to be paid on a monthly basis to the creditors. This will help the customer to pay off his bills and get back a good rating in a limited period of time.

Finding legitimate debt settlement companies is not that difficult but consumers must know where to look. It would be wise to utilize a debt relief network that will qualify the companies for you and ensure that they are legitimate and have proven themselves. To locate the top performing debt settlement companies in your state check out the following link:


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