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Free credit repair is when you do not pay a services agency to fix your report. It is simply a do-it-yourself process which involves being conversant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, which are the laws regulating the system.

Other than these, you need to understand how long negative accounts can remain on your file. For instance, late payments, collection accounts and charge-offs should not spend more than 7 years on your file. Though collection accounts and charge-offs have a 6-month extension in addition to the 7 years after which they should be deleted.

Take a situation where you are required to repay your bank a minimum of 500 dollars monthly until you pay the total debt. The first time when you are late in paying the expected monthly 500 dollars, it will be recorded on your file with the reporting agencies. It does not matter if you are late in subsequent months after the first late payment. The late entry that is reported to the bureaus is the first one.

Now let us imagine a situation where you are to make monthly payments to your bank for a period of 12 months, that is, January to December. Let us again imagine that you defaulted in paying on time for the month of February, which is the second month during the period of repaying the loan. Again, you did not pay on time for the months of July and November. What this means is that you made late payments on three occasions.

However, the way it works is that the 7 year period during which this late payment will stay on your file is from the first late payment which is February and not those of July and November. These are the kind of things you need to understand when you choose to go with the free repair process as against paying a services agency to do the fixing for you.

Visit do-it-yourself-credit repair or credit repair services to learn more on raising your credit score 200+ points to get approved for car, home and credit card loans.

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If you are looking to attain quick and immediate funds, then you must reconsider certain options. On paper, gaining the funds might seem to be a lot easier. There are documents and paperwork to be taken care of along with other details. At the end of the day, what you do realize that you will have to wait quite a while, so as to derive the funds. By the time the amount is made available, it is already too late. Instead of going through all these hassles, the best you can do is to acquire the provision of no credit check debit card loans.

With the support of these loans, you will be in a position to acquire the funds, almost on a priority basis. The amount you are in need of is made available within the same day of application. There is no place for any paperwork or documentation. Besides those with multiple credit problems too can avail the service of these loans.

As for the application process, it entirely takes place online. All you have to do is to fill in the required information in a simple form, available on the lenders website. The details requires are:-

Your employment status

Monthly income that you earn


Bank account information

Address and contact number

The entire formality will take only few minutes to complete. Once the verification is done, the amount you are in need of is then deposited in to your bank account. Through these loans, you are free to source funds anywhere in the range of £100-£1500. The repayment tenure is short and it does span over a period of 15-30 days.

Since you are availing these loans online, the chances of deriving the funds against competitive interest rate are quite high. Even then, you must make it a point to undertake a proper research, so as to attain the funds, on the basis of your need and requirement.

Debit card advance thus make it easy for you to derive quick funds, so as to resolve any short term monetary urgency.

Ryan Caldon is a well known author and currently working as financial adviser. He has been writing articles on debit card advance from long time. To know more about same day loans, debit card advance, payday loans no faxing, quick debit card loans, instant online payday loans, debit card loans please visit at

The basic piece of equipment most small retail operation will want is a terminal, that black box that sits next to the cash register and is connected to the card processor via phone line or Internet. Cards may be swiped or input manually and an optional debit PIN pad allows customers to enter their secret PIN for their debit card.

If you accept checks, you can also connect a check swipe reader that will scan the check through the check guarantee service of your choice and electronically deposits the funds into your account, saving trips to the bank. Connected to or part of the terminal is a receipt printer.

Instead of a terminal, you may elect to use a personal computer with a card swipe reader attached to it. Point-of-sale software installed on the computer will accept the input card and send it via internet or phone line for processing and authorization.

There are literally hundreds of POS systems available on the market, many industry-specific, such as for hotels or restaurants.

If you do not have or want a POS system, you can set up a “virtual terminal” on your PC by logging in to your credit card processor’s website and swiping or manually entering card information for authorization. Such sites usually also permit you to void, force and refund transactions or set up recurring transactions such as monthly health club memberships, automobile payments, etc.

Virtual processing usually also permits you to use you cell phone to get authorizations on the go, out in the field, and usually also offer a shopping cart that you can integrate into your company website for online purchases.

For businesses that deliver merchandise to customers, such as pizza shops, there is a new wireless terminal, most like a cell phone, that your drivers carry with them. At the customer’s home they swipe the customer’s card through this mobile terminal and get an authorization. This can represent a tremendous monthly savings over accepting orders over the phone at the store and manually keying in the customer’s credit card number. Remember, manually keyed-in cards are charged a higher Non-Qualified Rate because the fraud risk is higher when the card is not present and swiped. The mobile terminal does swipe the card and it is treated as a card-present transaction, at a much lower rate. Mobile terminals utilize Packet Radio Service or cell service and are very reliable. The driver carries a small printer on their belt to print receipts for the customer.

You can acquire equipment by outright purchase, or lease it. Each option has advantages, discuss them with your accountant. If you do lease, you don’t have to worry if the terminal breaks, just swap it for a new one. Some processors will provide you with a “free” terminal but you will usually end up paying higher transaction rates or other hidden fees. There is no free lunch.

James Hussher is a national Account Executive for Card Payment Solutions, a registered merchant services provider (MSP) for Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase banks. Contact James at, a site James maintains to inform his credit card merchant clients. Wherever you are in the USA, I offer a free analysis of your current merchant account statement. I will provide a report showing you exactly how much you are paying to accept cards in each tier, plus monthly fees; I will also propose the rates we can give you, for a clear side-by-side comparison.

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