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A late fee or bill would hover on your mind even when you are on holiday, a business trip or just relaxing at home. Wonder what this fee is? It is your credit card fees. If you fail to pay the fees on time it will cost you a lot. Delaying the payment of your card fees even by few minutes, might cost you approximately $ 39 for every delay. If you do not want to bear this, you must resort to some money management techniques that will help you pay your fees on time and not let you feel the need of credit repair at any time.

For an unpaid bill of $ 250, the companies usually charge a late fee fine of $ 19 to $ 39. Most service providers do not offer you a leniency period. Capital One is probably the only card provider which gives you a three day extension. But most of them do not accept late fees at all. To avoid this situation, you need to plan. The tips given below will help you make your payments on time.


If you make your payments online remember that you would be charged an extra fees for same day transaction. So if you wish to pay via net banking, pay it three to four days in advance. Or else you would try to save on your late fees and in turn end up paying an extra charge with your bank.  For paying the fees via postal mail, keep a safe period of at least 10 days. Never take a risk with postal mail. Usually postal mails fail to reach on time. Phone payments should be the last option. Almost all banks charge you for this service even if you call them 10 days before or on the last day.

Auto payment:

Some banks provide the option of auto payment. Opt for this to avoid any delay in your repayments. This will help you stay away from all worries and still your payments will be on time. However, you have to assure that you have enough balance in your account.

Due Date:

If the due date of your payment comes on such time that you are usually not available at that time, then request for a ‘due date change’. Some service providers allow you to change this date. Choose a date that is easy for you to remember, you have sufficient balance to make payment and does not disturb your schedule.

Use these simple tips and resort to good money management habits.

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Credit cards do wonder. You make keep on driving uninterruptedly, if you get a gas credit card. These types of credit cards are really very good to get gasoline whenever you need. How to get a Gas Credit card for you? Do you really drive for long? Don’t worry and get a gas card and fuel your car as frequently as you want. The basic need for gas or oil will be solved for you now. What you really want here is to get a Shell Gas card. Like, any other brand name it serves to provide you the service you need.

Pros and Cons of using gas Cards:

There are many facility that you really get from these cards. In fact, I have to list them up one by one. These are the reasons too for the increasing popularity of these nationwide. Once you begin to use this cards, you will get to know the best of it.

1.  Generally, those companies that provide you this type of card have numerous filling station all over the country. Across the nation, you will get chances to use this cards. You will never feel lack of fuel in your car and your journey will go on. No matter where you stay and where you are going. The supply of gas will be intact for ever.

2.  Discounts or rebate and rewards are the most interest part of using these type of cards. For every single gallon of gas, you save a certain percentage. If you desire to get more and gas, it will naturally bring a big bill. But, those who really smart; they use these cards. They consume and save at the same time. Get points on every purchase and you easily track your balance. These are the procedure to make your life better.

3.  With the help of these types of cards you pay your bill in the fill station. Moreover, your drive will not be stopped only because of the fact that fuel has finished.

4.  These cards offer you everything that is needed. Apart from this, it will fetch you different offers throughout the year. One of reasons behind the huge usage of this kind of card. You will get many other benefit other than getting points on fuel purchase. You will enjoy these facility. Get to start these cards once. you will get to know more and more facility.

5.  Most of the people nationwide love to use this card. There is certain other reason for it. Fuel prices are subjected to increase frequently. There is another fact too. Day by day, people need to use more fuel. Therefore, they brand or company which will give you chances to get more and more facility. More consumption will bring you the same old bill. There will be no huge hike in it. Therefore, be smart and get new these types of cards.

These type of cards are credit cards for fair credit. You enjoy these facility only if you have an average credit report. Moreover, you need to be more and more care about your finance management. These credit cards are good for your car’s fuel, Apart from this, you get saving and other rewards for your more use. Get a gas credit card and get the best part of using it.

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